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Romantic Relationships


Relationships can be messy. This often comes as a surprise, given the fantasies and hopes we all have about our romantic lives.  While happy and healthy relationships are entirely achievable, they take conscious, hard, vulnerable work.


If your romantic relationship, at whatever stage it’s in, isn’t where you would like for it to be, we can work together to figure out what’s getting in the way, how to better connect with your partner or spouse, and what work you need to do to experience a loving, lasting relationship.


If you’re no longer in a romantic relationship because of a breakup or divorce and need help letting go, healing, and moving forward, therapy can be beneficial. We can work together to understand relationship patterns and work towards creating healthier relationships moving forward.

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Mother's Hug


In an ideal world, children would have close loving relationships with their parents. Yet, this is often not the case.


If your relationship with one or both parents is painful, whether due to emotional distance, betrayal, lack of understanding, loss or death, parental divorce, abuse, or abandonment, we can work together to identify and transform challenging emotions or experiences  and gain greater peace around the most foundational relationship of your life.


You can’t change which parents you received nor can you alter your childhood experiences, but together we can work to heal from trauma, accept and make peace with your past experiences, and move forward for a better, healthier relationship and a happier you.

Parental Relationships
Teenage Experience


The teen years are tough and the radical shifts in development that teenagers experience can be frustrating and bewildering to navigate for both the teen and their parents.


Are you a parent watching your teen struggle? Has your teen withdrawn? Are they argumentative, angry, or sad? Do you worry about them? Do you wish they had extra support and emotional care, whether they experienced something traumatic or are simply grappling with life? My goals is to provide your teen with a safe, non-judgmental place to share their struggles and fears while teaching them how to self-regulate, build inner peace and confidence, and better navigate relationships. 


Are you a teen struggling with life? Do you feel weighed down by feelings of sadness, fear, loneliness, worry, overwhelm, anger, resentment, worthlessness, shame, or hopelessness?


My goal in our work is for you to gain more confidence and inner strength while providing a nonjudgmental space for you to talk about whatever you’re thinking, worrying, or frustrated about. The worst part of struggling is doing it alone so let me be there to help you along, whether with relationships with friends or family, depression, anxiety, parental divorce, family conflict, bullying, loss, abandonment, low self-esteem, or anything else you might be dealing with. 

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